Arik Levy

Arik Levy

Arik Levy is originally a native son of Israel. In 1988, he relocated to Paris, where he resides and works to this day. Levy studied at Switzerland's Art Center Europe. His creative repertoire primarily includes industrial design, but also modern dance, set design, as well as furniture, clothing, and lighting design. The works of Arik Levy have already been shown at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and at many galleries throughout the world. 

A collaborative relationship spanning many years, which continues to thrive from the new angles and viewpoints exhibited time and again, is the bond that links the artist with Swarovski. Thus, for example, he conceived the “Osmosis” exhibition for Swarovski Crystal Palace in 2009 and, in 2011, designed his own line of jewelry for Atelier Swarovski. In 2014, a large-scale “Rock Growth” sculpture was installed under the famous Atomium in Brussels. 

>> Visit the Chamber of Wonder "Transparent Opacity" and "EmotionalFormation" of Arik Levy

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