Store Concept

Visitors enter the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store through a multimedia entryway with a fascinating light and sound installation designed by the Norwegian architecture firm of Snøhetta.

The Store, conceived by general planners s_o_s architekten, is literally a landscape that winds around like the natural flow of a river. Spanned across this riparian landscape is the spectacular cupola, “The Starry Mosaic Sky,” resplendent in hand-finished, shiny, black mosaic tiles by Bisazza. Resting on elaborately decorated columns, it reminds the visitor of a glittering starry sky. Glowing white display cases and elements made from fine woods form the banks of the river landscape and targeted lighting creates a variety of spatial moods. 

The Store is one of the largest in the world, and features unparalleled design: thus, special sales furnishings and large display cases were designed exclusively for Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Glowing white display cases and elements made from fine woods form the banks and accompany the customer all the way to the exit. Intensified by targeted lighting, a variety of spatial moods come about. The large display cases allow changing collections and are thus integrated into the walls partitioning the space, so that they work like windows into the spaces that lie behind them.



Standing four meters tall, this cartographically accurate globe created by the artist duo Studio Job seems overwhelming and impenetrable. Symbolically, the scaled-down model of the earth represents victory and power, but also knowledge and learning, understanding, and hope.

The 1.000-kilogram sphere itself has a diameter of 175 centimeters and is adorned with half a million Swarovski crystals. “The Globe” was originally designed as a chandelier for Swarovski Crystal Palace.

Swarovski Crystal Palace was initiated by Nadja Swarovski in 2002, to create new interpretations of the traditional concept of a chandelier, in collaboration with architects, artists, and designers.

Installation of Melli Ink City of Glass