Games for Children of all Ages

Playtower, Playground, Carousel & Labyrinth

The special highlights the whole year round, from the playtower to the playground, provide fun and recreation for kids, but also entice parents to come, relax, and enjoy themselves.

Information on use of the play areas

Visitors of all ages are very welcome in the playtower, playground, maze, and on our Carousel! At each location, please pay attention to the three symbols we use to indicate any age restrictions for individual pieces of play equipment. Children up to age 14 must be supervised throughout the site by their parents or accompanying adults.

More detailed information on age restrictions, responsibilities, and supervision throughout the site is available >> here

Playtower - Playing on four levels

The playtower fosters the widest range of play experiences on four different levels arranged on top of each other. The levels are connected by a unique vertical net that can be climbed up to a height of just over 14 meters. It offers the most varied activities from climbing, rocking, and swinging to sliding and even to what looks like floating. The facades of the tower, designed by architecture firm Snøhetta, consist of 160 crystalline facets, though no two are exactly alike. The panes are imprinted with an innovative pattern of millions of tiny animal motifs. 

We are expecting lots of excitement about the new modules we developed together with Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion GmbH: from a sliding puzzle featuring the iconic Giant, to our animal memory® game.

Further information on age-appropriate use of the playtower is available >> here

The Playground – outdoor enjoyment

This area – for children of all ages – is complemented by an extraordinary playground landscape under the open skies. A free-form landscape of steel and wood offers children an infinite number of ways to play. Not only is it possible to enjoy well-known kinds of activities, children also have the opportunity to discover new games and forms of movement.

In the playground, a spectacular, 25-meter long climbing route and twisty ball runs offer plenty of thrills. And the water play area is a fun-filled adventure for the whole family!


One of the most beautiful parts of the park landscape is the green labyrinth in the form of a hand by André Heller that invites the visitor to explore and play hide-and-seek. 

Das Labyrinth - Kinderspielplatz

The Carousel

The Carousel in the garden of the Giant, created by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, is a delight for children and makes adults feel like kids again too. The use of the Carousel is unrestricted and included in the admission price.

>> More about the carousel

Highlights in the Garden