Acting responsibly has been ingrained in our values since 1895 Sustainability

Our founder, Daniel Swarovski, established principles of fairness for communities and the environment that still guide our business today. We understand that Swarovski’s ongoing success depends on our continued respect for Daniel’s principles.​ They help us consider our responsibilities in terms of generations, not just quarters, and they provide a platform towards our goal of sustainable leadership.​ 

Our Vision

Our Commitments

Our strengthened sustainability strategy marks a new starting point, not the finish line.​ The below focus areas and commitments are only the start of our collective journey to confront our planet’s most pressing issues.

warovski Crystal Worlds have received the Austrian Ecolabel

Awarded Green Museum

For almost 30 years now, the Austrian Ecolabel has been respected as a guarantee of environmental and climate protection credentials and has served as a reliable guide to eco-friendly buying for all Austrian consumers. Swarovski Crystal Worlds have received the Austrian Ecolabel and therefore we are proud of being a sustainable Tyrolean Green Museum. As a Green Museum, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds are characterized above all by increased energy efficiency, waste avoidance and environmentally friendly arrival and departure of guests. Regional value creation and social responsibility are also important.

E-filling stations

The E-filling stations at Swarovski Crystal Worlds are available to guests with electric cars, electric scooters or e-bikes during their visit to the Giant. As part of its self-imposed sustainable energy policy, Swarovski has recognized the benefits and importance of electric motorization and  provides 10 stations for electric cars and 20 stations for single-track electric vehicles.

E-filling stations
biodiversity in the Garden of Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Rich biodiversity in the Garden of Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The 7.5 hectare Garden with a nearly 1,000 m2 flower field, provides a habitat for a variety of insects, such as honeybees, wild bees, bumblebees, butterflies, beetles and many more. The Garden and the neighboring orchard are home to a wide variety of flowering plants, native shrubs and (fruit) trees and thus contribute to an important biodiversity. In addition, a near-natural biotope with a stream will provide a habitat for numerous dragonfly species, aquatic insects, amphibians, freshwater mussels, native fish and crayfish.

Prologue III

Taking inspiration from water as a precious resource, the Swedish-British designer duo Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard reinterpreted their existing work Prologue and decorated it with 8,000 blue shade crystals to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Swarovski Waterschool project. Depending on the position of the sun, the crystals refract and reflect daylight, energizing their surroundings. Prologue III is simple in its imitation but complex in its endless nuances, embodying literal and metaphysical associations. The circle stands for the beginning and the end –a cycle of infinite potential.

Swarovski Waterschool

Partnership with Swarovski Waterschool

For many years now, we incorporate Waterschool contents and programs to our activities & events. The major focus is on water education, access to safe water and access to sanitation facilities.

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Becoming a more Responsible Business

In a year of substantial change for our company, we have woven sustainability into the fabric of our business. To turn our dreams into reality, we require every unique individual of our organization.


"We can only create great things by working together."

Daniel Swarovski (1862 - 1956)