Transparent Opacity

“Transparent Opacity” by Arik Levy is an homage to the diversity of crystal. The title of this work already embraces both of its apparently contradictory aspects: its transparency and its impenetrability. The room installation is both a game with the most diverse array of materials – from glass, marble, and steel to synthetic 3-D prints – as well as a play on shapes and sizes.

Some of the exhibition pieces invoke the familiar silhouette of the cut chaton, while other works reach deep into the abstract realm of natural, archaic crystalline shapes. Additionally, visitors can interact with the space and become involuntary co-creators of the piece by virtue of their diversity. This interrelationship becomes utterly dynamic in the “Interactive Arena”, which captures and reflects each and every movement.

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Arik Levy Exhibition
Arik Levy Exhibition


Arik Levy’s EmotionalFormation represents a spatial expansion on the concept of his earlier “Transparent Opacity.” Stepping into this space is like a journey into yourself, as if you were exploring previously undiscovered treasures of your future self. In EmotionalFormation, special floor installations create a labyrinth-like effect, where your eyes and body wander from one section to the next, from one sculpture to the next, discovering something new at every turn.

In this Chamber of Wonder, every perspective seems different, and each one of the six crystal structures is unique. His aim is to awaken the spirit of exploration in each of us. The highly-faceted crystal looks as if it has formed in the wild, mirroring natural growth. The overall effect is spectacular, but the details are impressive too. Atmospheric lighting completes the installation, creating a striking interplay of light and shadows.

With kind support from Compact the Surface Company and Vibia Lighting.

Chambers of Wonder

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