Ready to Love

I invite you into this amorous paradise wherein the heart rules and conquers all. The hearts in this room are a labor of love, each one handcrafted with various traditional Indian techniques. They express an emotion that we all can relate to and a vision that will make us smile.

You will be sworn in to the magical realm as you are ushered along a scintillating stairway beaming messages d’amour. Lovestruck, you are now attuned to the bewitching sight: a technicolor utopia with an array of elaborately crafted, jewel-adorned heart-fairies, blissfully soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling in the sumptuous fluorescence of an exalted Indian mansion, glistening under dazzling neon lights.

“Welcome to the Palace of Love. You are invited to partake in the enchanting ritual and leave a declaration of love on the graffiti wall! Express your love. I have so much love to give that one is not enough! And you? Ready to love.”

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Chambers of Wonder

The realm of the Giant hosts a rich collection of precious items housed in 18 Chambers of Wonder. Here, in a world of fantasy inspired and designed by some of the world’s greatest artists, visitors can believe in miracles for just a moment.