News From the Giant

The time has come: Swarovski Crystal Worlds presents four new Chambers of Wonder, designed by internationally renowned artists. Moreover, Daniels Kristallwelten got a new look, making it even more attractive and atmospheric.

Indian designer Manish Arora, Austrian multi-media artist André Heller, Israeli artist Arik Levy, and Mexican star architect Fernando Romero have each fashioned a Chamber of Wonder. Bearing resonant names such as Ready to Love, Heroes of Peace, EmotionalFormation, and El Sol, these exciting, intricate, colorful, and surprising installations provide even more moments of wonder in Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

new Chambers of Wonder

For the redesign of four Chambers of Wonder, internationally renowned partners had been carefully selected, who will once again enrich the contradictory character of the Giant and the poetry of Swarovski Crystal Worlds through new compositions.

André Heller for Swarovski

brings Nobel Peace Prize laureates to Wattens

With Heroes of Peace, Swarovski Crystal Worlds supports artist and curator André Heller’s vision, dedicating one of its Chambers of Wonder to the subject of peace. It invites visitors to pause for a moment, to reflect on life, and how each of us can make our own contribution to peace.

Innovative projection techniques allow visitors to encounter life-size holograms of individuals who have won the Nobel Peace Prize or dedicated their lives to the important issue of peace, including Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Rigoberta Menchú, Bertha von Suttner, Pablo Picasso, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono.

>> Chamber of Wonder "Heroes of Peace"

explores the relationship between humankind and the sun

The Mexican star architect Fernando Romero has created a Chamber of Wonder organized around his artwork El Sol. It revolves entirely around the relationship humankind has with the sun. A sphere, composed of 2,880 custom-made Swarovski crystals, is exactly one billionth the size of the center of our solar system and illuminated from inside by a sphere of LEDs.

Fernando Romero was inspired by the remarkable geometry of Aztec and Mayan pyramids, creating an homage to the cultural heritage of his homeland, Mexico. At the same time, El Sol is also based on modern technologies. Three months of design and development were needed before the drawings were ready, and it took the technicians more than 350 hours to construct the artwork.

>> Chamber of Wonder "El Sol"

Fernando Romero for Swarovski
Arik Levy for Swarovski

expands his “Transparent Opacity”

Israeli artist Arik Levy has previously worked with Swarovski on numerous occasions. Possessing an unrivaled understanding of crystal, he has already been immortalized with his “Transparent Opacity,” a Chamber of Wonder in Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

Now, with EmotionalFormation, he expands his installation with a new interpretation of crystalline forms, creating an artful labyrinth in which visitors proceed from one section to the next, discovering new structures and unique perspectives along the way.

>> Chamber of Wonder "Transparent Opacity"

invites you to a paradise of hearts

The Indian star designer Manish Arora loves working with crystal. His design vocabulary is characterized by expressive storytelling and brash, vibrant colors. His Chamber of Wonder beckons visitors to enter a fantastical world full of emotions.

A twinkling stairway replete with sparkling messages of love leads to the colorful utopia created by this exceptional talent from India. Here, the facade of an Indian temple reveals itself in dazzling neon light: the Palace of Love. The installation is built around a core of 19 heart-fairies, which have been fashioned using traditional techniques of Indian craftsmanship.

>> Chamber of Wonder "Ready to Love"

Manish Arora for Swarovski

Daniels Kristallwelten

Daniels Kristallwelten is now even more inviting, friendly, and appealing. New designs by MARCTHOMAS give the restaurant a new look, making it even more attractive and atmospheric.

Daniels Kristallwelten has reopened in glittering style. We want our guests to feel totally at ease and find this a great place to relax and enjoy spending some time.

Separate smaller lounge zones will give the area more structure. But we are still keeping to the original concept of a single space, which was the principle behind the flowing forms of Snøhetta’s architectural design – and of course we are keeping the unique views of the alpine landscape and the garden.

Daniels Kristallwelten - restaurant of Swarovski in Wattens
MARCTHOMAS for Swarovski


MARCTHOMAS is actually Marc Mark and Thomas Troppmair. These specialist designers are highly experienced in construction and project management, and know how to create spaces where visitors and guests feel at ease. Bars, restaurants, elegant offices, prestigious villas, and homes are all created in their Wattens design office, not far from Swarovski Crystal Worlds.