New Chamber of Wonder "Umbra, 2022"

April 6, 2022 Press Information

Latest work of art by James Turrell at Swarovski Kristallwelten

Wattens, April 6, 2022. In his works, James Turrell transforms light into a physical experience. Now, the world-renowned artist opens his Shallow Space installation at Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

Atmospheric light installation by one of the most renowned artists of our time

Swarovski is proud to announce that James Turrell has accepted an invitation to create a Shallow Space installation at Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds), the brand’s destination in Wattens, Austria. His installation, “Umbra”, adds a luminous facet to the Chambers of Wonder at Swarovski Crystal Worlds which also feature works by Yayoi Kusama and Lee Bul.

Carla Rumler, Cultural Director Swarovski and Curator Swarovski Crystal Worlds, explains that James Turrell has long been on her wish list: “It is an absolute honor to welcome James Turrell’s work to Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Light breathes life into crystal and ignites its magic. James Turrell’s understanding of light and its application in its most elemental form presents the viewer with an immersive experience. If you dare to be open to the enormous power light holds, Umbra will affect you emotionally and physically.”

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