City of glass

 Inspired by the iconography of Hieronymus Bosch and the formal language of Buckminster Fuller, Melli Ink presents her sculptural viewpoint on the world in her work City of Glass, captured under a glass dome and realized using glass, rose quartz, and crystal.

Old and new world perspectives

The inspiration for City of Glass begins with Hieronymus Bosch, whose works were far ahead of their time and still generate discussion in the art world to this day, even though his famous triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights emerged in 1504. Over 460 years after Bosch, Buckminster Fuller built the first geodesic dome, a biosphere or, in other words, a “world within a world.”

More than half a millennium after Bosch and 50 years after Buckminster Fuller, Melli Ink brings both concepts together. The artist draws on Bosch’s throngs of people, animals, plants, and buildings, but instead of focusing on his hustle and bustle, she orients herself towards the utopian landscape of Grisaille found on the outer sides of Bosch’s triptych, where he depicts the Third Day of the biblical creation story, when the world was still empty.

Melli Ink covers this tidy world with a dome that traces Fuller’s architectural template – a composition of equilateral triangles that is similar to the Chamber of Wonder Crystal Dome, which likewise makes reference to Fuller’s geodesic dome.

The artwork is located at the VIP Lounge.

Artist Melli Ink

Born in Tyrol, Melli Ink studied stage design at the Central St. Martins School of Art in London. Before stepping into the world of fine arts, she worked in theater, opera, and film, creating set designs and costumes.

As an artist she draws her inspiration from art history, literature, films, and music, and is strongly influenced by the traditional art of her Tyrolean homeland. She sculpts, often in collaboration with glassblowers, as well as working in the media of film and performance. Her artworks have already been displayed in galleries, museums, and art fairs around the world. Melli Ink lives and works in Switzerland and Berlin.

Portrait der Künstlerin Melli Ink