Briane Eno

Brian Eno

The musician, producer, and conceptual artist Brian Eno was born in Woodbridge, England, in 1948 and studied at St. Joseph’s College, Birkfield, at the Ipswich Art School, and at the Winchester School of Art. His career began as co-founder of Roxy Music – afterwards, Eno produced a string of his own albums that moved steadily toward what became known as ambient music. 

Yet, even his work as a producer sets new standards: with his unconventional sound esthetic, he ushered bands like Talking Heads and U2 to major success and gave Microsoft its inimitable sound for Windows 95. At the same time, he engaged intensively with visual media and created video installations that were exhibited in renowned galleries worldwide. Brian Eno has earned numerous awards, including the Royal College of Art Award in 2007. 

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