Culinary Art

The height of culinary adventures

From small snacks and business lunches to sophisticated dinners – whatever the event, you can offer your guests a wide-ranging dining experience to suit their tastes. Professional service and an impressive overall range from our in-house team will ensure that every wish is fulfilled.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your customized menu:


Sense of aesthetics and the poetry of flowers

Whether you prefer your decorations to be modern, classic, unusual, or purely minimalist, we will be delighted to make your ideas a reality. Flowers combined with crystals awaken the senses and, together with the exclusive ambience of Swarovski Crystal Worlds, create a unique setting for your special event.

Here in the birthplace of Swarovski crystals, we draw on an enormous range of resources to create the perfect style for your event. We use colors, shapes, and multifaceted features to create expertly designed decorations for your table.

We are always happy to help with choosing the right flower decorations.

Additional Services

Technical equipment 

Beamer, screen, microphones, photo booth and much more are available on request.

Musicians, artists, magicians, and entertainers

Welcome your guests to the magic of Swarovski Crystal Worlds with discreet live music or subtle background music. Upon request, we can arrange for actors or acrobats to enhance the fantastic setting of the Chambers of Wonder. Your wish is our challenge!

Evening shopping

Upon request, we can arrange “Shopping by Night,” surrounded by the enchanting and multifaceted range of Swarovski products.

Child care

Our professional Family Program Team is happy to provide child care during your event.

Special requests

Do you have any special requests? We will do our best to make your wishes come true.

Corporate Gift Giving

Memories mean more than gifts

With more than 125 years of experience in creative innovation and technical perfection, Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystal. A distinctive gift from Swarovski helps you convey your appreciation in a very personal way. Personalized with lettering, an engraved logo, or a special dedication, every gift becomes a memory and adds a special meaning to your message.

We are happy to advise you about various options.