Lake of Shimmer

Creative Concept by Tokujin Yoshioka

“Lake of Shimmer” immediately captures the attention. With the creative concept from the Japanese star designer Tokujin Yoshioka and the realisation entirely by inhouse Swarovski technicians, the installation harmoniously links all three levels of Swarovski Wien. 16.016 tiny mirrors form a silvery shimmering surface of over 88 square metres. The uninterrupted movement and reflection of light can be perceived as the play of light with crystal or as the shimmering surface of a lake.

But this motion of “Lake of Shimmer” is not coincidental: in fact every single mirror element is electronically controlled, just as pixels on a screen, displaying three - dimensional motives and patterns of a surreal dimension.

For information about the artist Tokujin Yoshioka click here.


Spread over three floors of the store, there are installations of various artists and innovations made out of and using crystal.