Art Spaces

Installations by renowned artists

Spaces within spaces: they are one of the architectural trademarks of the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien. The art spaces illustrate the link between Vienna City Center’s popular shopping mile and Swarovski’s shimmering shopping worlds, but they are far more than a conceptual parallel: They are a platform for artists.

Welcome to Wonderlab

Step into Swarovski’s Wonderlab, a world where magic and science collide, where exploration and self-expression become second nature, and everyone is invited to ignite their dreams.

Within Wonderlab is our Candy World, representing the color and pure delight of Swarovski creations. Let yourself feel like a kid again, surrounded by mix-and-match confections you can’t help but crave.



by Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen takes her inspiration for the work called “Biomorphism” from living organisms and patterns found in nature. She forms them into hypnotic installations in which she demonstrates the performance of femininity. Originally from the world of fashion design, van Herpen’s installations for the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien use a wide variety of media to express the basic themes of movement and transformation. 

The installations are realized in collaboration with Rhea Thierstein. Three of the original five installations can still be discovered until spring 2022. 

Those cubes show elaborately handmade Couture dresses in the typical style of the Dutch designer.

„Visualizing the invisible“
A larger-than-life glass sculpture of a ghostly female face was created in collaboration with the Tyrolean glass artist Bernd

Van Herpen enters unusual terrain in “Cymatic,” a kinetic photo installation that explores he flow – and the disruption – of a dancing body and a piece of clothing.


Spread over three floors of the store, there are installations of various artists and innovations made out of and using crystal.