Art Spaces

Installations by renowned artists

Spaces within spaces: they are one of the architectural trademarks of the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien. The art spaces illustrate the link between Vienna City Center’s popular shopping mile and Swarovski’s shimmering shopping worlds, but they are far more than a conceptual parallel: They are a platform for artists.

Light installations in the "Cubes"

The theory that all earthly matter originated from the four elements of water, earth, fire, and air was coined by the Greek philosopher Empedocles back in the fifth century BC. Since then, science has come a long way, turning the microscope on and putting a name to what was once invisible: electrons, photons, muons, and quarks. If respect for nature is experiencing a resurgence in the minds of modern-day folk, we must also shine the spotlight on the natural limits of our environment.


“IN LOVE WITH TOMORROW portrays nature as a comprehensive and holistic network,” says light artist Susanne Rottenbacher, reflecting on her inspiration. “Elemental theory can be helpful here: Not as revived scientific theory, but as a way to look at an overall picture. This thought-provoking impulse right here, set amidst the restlessness of urban life, is intended to reflect our longing for natural balance.”

The installation, made from LED light tubes and 2.5 million Swarovski crystals, illuminates in vibrant monochrome colors and mesmerizes onlookers with its captivating dynamism. The finer details of the installation bear witness to its complexity and sensuality. “Susanne Rottenbacher is a light artist of incredible elegance, who conducts light like an orchestra,” says Carla Rumler, Curator at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, in reference to the collaboration with the light artist at the opening of the light installations at Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien. “Light is like the soul of crystal and brings its magic to life. The collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned light artists is revealing ever new facets, allowing us to consider light as the most essential component of crystal.”

>> About the Artist Susanne Rottenbacher


Spread over three floors of the store, there are installations of various artists and innovations made out of and using crystal.