Vincent van Duysen

Vincent van Duysen

Born in 1962 in Lokeren, Belgium, Vincent Van Duysen launched his own atelier for architecture and interior design in 1990. His style is reduced minimalism and yet nevertheless sensuous. He has a preference for primary forms and compact volume, describing his style as simple, flat, clear but also pure, elementary, essential, quiet, peaceful and relaxed. He lectured architecture and design at the Higher Institute for Architecture in Saint-Lucas, Brussels.

The preservation of space in its original form is very important for Van Duysen in the restoration of buildings. For him the interior furniture has a lower priority, explaining his use of clear reduced forms underlining the language of the building’s three dimensional and communicative aspects. His exterior architecture is clear and concise.

For information about the installation "Cascade" of Vincent van Duysen click here.

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