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Swarovski Innsbruck combines centuries-old history with the modern day, and the entire spectrum of Swarovski products with contemporary design and art. On both floors, visitors will find innovations and installations inspired by and made from crystal.

Let Light Dance in Spirals

Optical light effects, biological processes, mathematical calculations, psychological impacts: The power of light has been scientifically explored and harnessed since antiquity. Likewise, artists have always been fascinated by the magic of light. Whether we observe the interplay of light and shadow in painting or colorful metaphors in literature, light is a source of inspiration.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe delved into the topic of light in connection with psychological aspects. In his work 'Theory of Colors,' he first published his color wheel—a scientific theory on the perception of light and its aesthetic qualities, which found great resonance among his artistic contemporaries such as William Turner and Wassily Kandinsky, and was widely discussed in science.

On the occasion of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's 275th birthday, Swarovski Crystal Worlds reinterpret his color wheel in the installation 'Let Light Dance in Spirals.' Precisely cut octagon crystals in the style of the Millenia jewelry family by Swarovski Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert reflect the light and make the color wheel shine. A homage to Goethe, one revolution at a time.

Masters of Light
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Art installations

On both floors, visitors will find innovations inspired by and made from crystal.


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