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Philipp Fürhofer

Philipp Fürhofer

Philipp Fürhofer was born in Augsburg in 1982; his creative work combines several disciplines including painting, sculpture, installations, and set design. 

His artworks are characterized by a unique style of imagery which combines modern materials with traditional and historical elements from the world of opera, reflecting the influence of German and Nordic painters of the 19th century, set in a contemporary context. 

After completing his master’s degree at Berlin’s University of the Arts he spent several months in hospital, undergoing treatment for a heart problem. There he was confronted with the x-ray image of his own chest, and once he had recovered, he began to produce his first works using acrylic glass cases, filled with structured objects and ready-made detritus, creating new forms and realities.

He often uses light bulbs or LED tubes, combined with two-way mirrors, making two different images visible through the interplay of lights that switch on and off. The painting on the surface is transformed by the deeper layers of perspective into infinite motifs – from torsos into landscapes, or from ribcages into forests, where humans and the natural world coexist. 

Since 2008, Fürhofer has also worked regularly as a set and costume designer for opera productions. 

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