Summer in the Giant

The summer months with their endless days and warm evenings will bring many magical moments. Lightness, adventure, and indulgence await you all day long.

The extensive garden is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy exploring: The Crystal Cloud sparkles in the sunlight, thanks to its 800,000 crystals, while the black-and-white Carousel turns gently against the lush green backdrop of the Alps. On warm summer days, the playground is irresistible, with its water play area and wooden ball run.

Together, the Chambers of Wonder and the garden make an enchanting getaway in any weather – in the cool, crystalline interior rooms or the expansive garden with its many exciting outdoor attractions. 

Circus Roncalli and the Giant in August

Open-air theatre with Roncalli's "circus magic"
and special anniversary price with 25% off

From August 8 to September 6, the garden is transformed into an open-air theatre, with a richly varying program of magical delights from Roncalli’s circus – roll up for some thrilling entertainment!

As Swarovski Crystal Worlds is celebrating its 25th anniversary, visitors will enjoy a 25% discount off the admission price, with a free audio guide providing fascinating background information about the Chambers of Wonder, the artists, and the garden >> get your 25% reduction on your entrance tickets

The attractions: a vintage car, circus trailers, and interactive shows
Historic circus trailers, a vintage car, and interactive shows from the turn of the twentieth century will complete the scene. Visitors may encounter Circus Theater Roncalli anywhere in the garden – with plenty of room to relax and enjoy the magic of the circus.

Artists and circus performers: magicians, a giantess, and Roncalli’s “walking acts”
All over the garden of the Giant, visitors will encounter Roncalli’s “walking acts,” the artists and entertainers whose role is to create interactive fun at Swarovski Crystal Worlds this summer, daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

poetic clown will meet guests on arrival, charming them with his art and skills, and bringing a grin or a chuckle to the face of every visitor, from small to tall.

The “white giantess” in the garden of Swarovski Crystal Worlds seems both wonderful and mysterious – this fairy-tale being is incredibly tall and yet delightfully gentle.

conjuror brings moments of wonder to the visitors at Swarovski Crystal Worlds. He baffles the audience with magic, using real fire, ice, and original Swarovski crystals.

The first official Guinness World Record holder in his discipline – contact juggling. This interplay between objects and the human body creates a gravity-defying symbiosis of balance, dynamics, and lightness.

Artists of the Circus Roncalli
Artists of the Circus Roncalli

Opening Hours:
Daily 10:00 to 19:00, last entry 18:00
(also on Sundays and bank holidays)

Tel. +43 5224 51080

Special anniversary price

25% off the entrance fees, including our informative audio guide, free of charge (depending on availability, as there is a limited number of audio guides available).

  • valid from June 11 to December 31, 2020 on single tickets (adults and children)
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New in our garden the carousel

The Magic of Summer in the Giant 2019

With Circus Theater Roncalli

a summer for Families

During the summer months, the garden of Swarovski Crystal Worlds also becomes a playing and romping area for the youngest guests. The multi-story playtower and large playground are always a magnet for the kids. Last year, the children were particularly delighted by the sheep, which are back grazing in the garden again this summer.