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Summer festival The Giant welcomes India Saturday, July 1, 2017 - Thursday, August 31, 2017, daily 8:30 - 22:00

A delightful journey of adventure for all the senses: in July and August, for its inaugural Summer Festival, Swarovski Crystal Worlds will be transformed into a “Mela” – a gorgeously colorful Indian fair

A host of artists and designers – especially the Indian star designer Manish Arora – are working together to create a complete artistic concept consisting of shimmering colors and forms, exotic aromas, and fascinating sounds, to entice visitors into the magical world of the subcontinent.


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“I am particularly delighted that the first Summer Festival is dedicated to my homeland. For me, it feels like an extension of my own life – like bringing my Indian ‘family’ together with my Austrian ‘family’.”
Manish Arora


The Mela: a dazzling festival for all the senses

For two months, the festival will transform the whole of Swarovski Crystal Worlds into an enchanting sea of color and form. At every step, the “traveler” will find something new to delight the senses and will get in touch with indian personalities – personal favourites of Manish Arora, whose credo “life is beautiful” has already inspired the design of the highly regarded installations and display windows at the Swarovski Kristallwelten Stores. 

  • Brightly-colored banners fly in glorious contrast against the blue summer sky 
  • Lotus flowers drift in the sparkling water below the Crystal Cloud
  • Performances by the Indian dance group “The Yellow Stripe Dance Company"
  • Interactive features such as a giant Indian board game as well as various art activities
  • Existing art objects with an Indian connection are given special prominence for the festival
  • Photopoint for lasting memories of a typical Indian temple – designed by one of the best-known wedding planners of the subcontinent: Sumant Jayakrishnan’s

These and other highlights await you at the Summer Festival at Swarovski Crystal Worlds!

>> Map Summer Festival (PDF)

Indian dance group, who will be seen daily from July to August at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
Daily performances by the Indian dance group “The Yellow Stripe Dance Company"

The taste of India: Creative culinary delights

It’s not a real festival without a feast! 

The Mela also includes food stalls with tempting Indian specialties:

  • tea
  • exotic ice creations
  • savory treats

The menu at Daniels Kristallwelten. Café & Restaurant will feature a special range of aromatic, spicy dishes for the festival. These were created together with the celebrated Indian chef Shamsul Wahid, Group Executive Chef at Social and Smoke House Deli, who worked with the chefs at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, giving them a personal introduction to the secrets of Indian cuisine and its unique ingredients and spices.

celebrated Indian chef Shamsul Wahid in the Smoke House Deli
Celebrated Indian chef Shamsul Wahid

From August 1 to 31:  every day with selections from Indian and Bollywood movies Open-Air Cinema