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Store Concept

Visitors enter the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store through a multimedia entryway with a fascinating light and sound installation designed by the Norwegian architecture firm of Snøhetta.

The Store, conceived by general planners s_o_s architekten, is literally a landscape that winds around like the natural flow of a river. Spanned across this riparian landscape is the spectacular cupola, “The Starry Mosaic Sky,” resplendent in hand-finished, shiny, black mosaic tiles by Bisazza. Resting on elaborately decorated columns, it reminds the visitor of a glittering starry sky. Glowing white display cases and elements made from fine woods form the banks of the river landscape and targeted lighting creates a variety of spatial moods. 

The Store is one of the largest in the world, and features unparalleled design: thus, special sales furnishings and large display cases were designed exclusively for Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Glowing white display cases and elements made from fine woods form the banks and accompany the customer all the way to the exit. Intensified by targeted lighting, a variety of spatial moods come about. The large display cases allow changing collections and are thus integrated into the walls partitioning the space, so that they work like windows into the spaces that lie behind them.

Art spaces

Aficionados of artistically staged retail experiences can look forward to regularly changing stagings by international set designers. And at the Crystal Bar right at the exit of our Store sparkling refreshments and snacks await you.

Currently you can discover the staging “Life is Beautiful” of the Indian fashion designer Manish Arora.

Manish Arora Life is Beautiful

Installation of Melli Ink City of Glass

from India to the world

Designer MAnish Arora

In 2016, Manish Arora was the first Indian to receive France’s highest honor from the French ambassador in India: He was given the title of “Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur” (“Knight of the Legion of Honor”). This shows the outstanding international success of this fashion designer, who has nonetheless always stayed loyal to his roots.

His design language is distinguished by its unmistakable rich coloring and his modern interpretations of traditional Indian elements. In addition to fans of his fashion designs, such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, major international brands like Walt Disney, Reebok, and Nespresso have also recognized and drawn on the talent of Manish Arora.

Manish Arora