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Mechanical theatre

The desire for transformation and fantasies is a force that affects human beings – and the machine-driven world of Jim Whiting. His “Mechanical Theatre” combines humans and technology, the bizarre and the aesthetic in a fashion show out of the ordinary. Protagonists are an Adonis and a “Walking Woman”, who represent the relationship between man and woman. Rigid objects suddenly spring to life, as clothes fly and dance through the air as if by magic.

The laws of gravity seem to be suspended and objects make movements that they should not be able to make. This creates an eerily beautiful scenario that provides plenty of scope for your own fantasies. The music in “Mechanical Theatre” is by Silvio Borchardt and Swarovski workshops provide the technology, demonstrating their high degree of expertise as far as precision engineering is concerned.

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chambers of wonder

The realm of the Giant hosts a rich collection of precious items housed in 17 Chambers of Wonder. Here, in a world of fantasy inspired and designed by some of the world’s greatest artists, visitors can believe in miracles for just a moment.