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Festival of Light

mystical world of light and sound

From January 30 to February 19, 2017 the seven-hectare garden of Swarovski Crystal Worlds will be transformed into a mystical world of light and sound. The Festival of Light consists of four unique installations that light up after sunset, together with a perfectly coordinated sound concept.

This spectacle presents visitors with a world of contrasts, where light meets shadow, silence meets sound, and nature meets technology and creates completely new moments of wonder.

Unique light and laser show

Every day from 17:00 onwards, these coincide every 20 minutes to create a spectacular show which, together with perfectly coordinated sound elements, creates new surprises in every corner of the park.


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Tel. +43 5224 51080

Giant in light reflections
The movements of visitors bring the head of the Giant to life with astonishing light effects.


Four Installations

    The façade of the playtower appears to stretch up into the night sky, while gleaming white laser beams form faceted crystal patterns in a vast sculpture of light. 

    The movements of visitors bring the head of the Giant to life with astonishing light effects.

    “Red loves Blue” enchants its audience at the Crystal Cloud with a choreographed interplay of red and blue light. Visitors who venture down the path to the Mirror Pool seem to be drawn into a white sea of light and fog, as if they are merging right into the mystical installation.
Crystal Cloud in a red and blue light
“Red loves Blue”

Blacklight Disco

Playtower with white laser beams
The playtower appears to stretch up into the night sky

Families can look forward to a special highlight: The playtower will be transformed into a blacklight disco – and it is not just for the kids!

Set to the latest tunes, professional dancers will show guests of all ages some cool hip-hop moves. UV make-up and soap bubbles, neon tape for trendy outfits, and glow bracelets in vibrant colors will delight the child within and turn simple disco-dancing fun into an unforgettable experience.

Free for children and young people up to the age of 14 (adults: EUR 9.50)

February 4, 10, 11, and 18 2017
each day from 16:30 to 19:30 

tip: special Menu on weekends

The restaurant at night with light reflections
Culinary delights at Daniels Kristallwelten on Fridays and Saturdays

On Fridays and Saturdays during the event period, a three- or four-course special menu created specifically for the Festival of Light, will be available until 23:00 in Daniels Kristallwelten. Café & Restaurant (hot meals served until 21:30).

The menu will surprise guests not only with flavorsome dishes but also with various special effects. The chef will be making creative use of light, smoke, colors, and flavors. 

  • Three/Four-course meal including aperitif EUR 32.00/39.00 (SOLD OUT)*
    *the à la carte menu is still available

Please make your reservation at least two days in advance: +43 5224 51080, or

Technical Highlights

  • ca. 500 floodlights  
  • ca. 1,000,000 lumens light intensity = more than 700 standard 100-watt light bulbs
  • ca. 5,000 meters of cabling = 15 times the perimeter of a soccer field
  • ca. 120 tons of equipment delivered in 3 truckloads