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Im Facettenreich

Thomas Feuerstein drew inspiration for his three cohesive pieces from the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). PARS PRO TOTO, which literally means “one part stands for the whole," spans two floors and stylizes a pair of eyes that react to the movements and shapes in the room.

Especially created for that location, the installation broaches the issue of perception of the world through the eyes of an insect, which served as model used by the bio scientist. Nowadays insect eyes are more investigated than the human body. The highly complex structure of the world is broken down into countless facets in the eyes of the fly, where as the hemispheric form enables a nearly 360° view radius.

The pieces by Thomas Feuerstein oscillate between fact and fiction, between art and science. He also has an item called “Leviathan” displayed at Swarovski Crystal Worlds.


For information about the artist Thomas Feuerstein click here.


Spread over two floors of the store, there are installations of various artists and innovations made out of and using crystal.